No Go to Overlocker Pro! 

You are one of 3 people.
1. You have an overlocker it's been in the box forever, when you think about it, it annoys you because you really want to use it but it scares you and you need a helping hand.
2. You don't yet have an overlocker but everyone keeps talking about them and you're intrigued. You love dressmaking and want to be able to whizz up all kinds of cool stretchy things in double quick time. You're worried you won't be able to thread it so you keep putting off buying one.

3. You already have an overlocker and you use it for one stitch only...the 4 thread overlocking. You know your machine can do more but the manual may as well be written in Hieroglyphics. You fear the day your threads run out because you're worried your overlocker will fall out with you and never work again after a rethread. 


If you are one of these people the good news is, I'm the person to help you! I LOVE my overlocker - it's my favourite machine and it's way more versatile than a lot of folk give it credit for. So make friends with this wonderful machine, put it through it's paces and get stuck into making all the wonderful things it WANTS TO HELP YOU MAKE!

What does the course entail?!

  • A LIVE Q&A Session with me, Jenny, on Wednesday 5th May 7-8pm

  • 2  different threading methods

  • Different stitches including rolled hem, gathering, flatlock, and 4, 3 and 2 thread overlocking

  • Fixing tension issues

  • Differential feed and what it does

  • Stretch fabric sewing techniques

  • Make a tee with me class

  • Oiling and cleaning

  • Machine buying/upgrading personalised advice

  • Course content released on or before 1st March

  • Stretch Pattern Suggestions AND MORE!

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